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For me anyhow. I was in Dick's tonight burning up a gift card and came across these: http://www.strikeking.com/tips/bitsy_bug.shtml I grabbed half a dozen in 1/16 oz- 6 black and 6 black/blue flake.

I know they're not new, I have several in 1/8 and 3/16 oz, I just didn't know they came in 1/16 oz. I love light tackle fishing and I know these will be a killer for me this season.

I like jigs fine, the problem is most of the waters I fish become choked with snot algae by late June, rendering most jigs useless as they foul immediately.

These mini jigs should be the ticket.

Now to find a suitable trailer. I'm thinking a 2" Netbait Paca Chunk would be the perfect one for this jig.

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The 1/16th oz Bitsy Bug and a Paca Chunk is my go to jig setup when the bite is tough. I usually start out everyday throwing it just to see what kind of mood they are in. My only problem with these jigs is the quality; I have probably burned through at least 100 in the past few years.

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i love a bitsy bug but the bitsy flip is the killer

agreed. bitsy bug hooks will get straightened out within a few fish, especially if you are using braid.

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They had these at my local store too.

My buddy got a gift card to Dick's for Christmas so he loaded up on these jigs and some different spinnerbaits.

You can usually find some pretty good stuff there.

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