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  2. Sit on top would be easier. One thing to look for would be adjustable footpegs (like the one in the picture) OR molded in footrest "cups" available in some models. Having the ability to keep your legs in a comfortable posistion means everything. Also there are many seating options available, including ones with high back rests.
  3. Our next computer will be a laptop for our daughter who is going into high school. We're buying it from a local tech who started his business repairing them and has since branched into selling new ones. He did right by us when we had issues in the past with our home 'puter. No hard sell, upsell, tech babble, etc. How nice it will be NOT to have to talk to someone on the other side of the planet if/when an issue comes up.
  4. You didn't say HOW you hosed it off. I know in my Penn reel owners guides they stress rinsing reels of saltwater under normal running water, not a stream from a nozzle, as this can drive salt further into the reel. IMO it should be stripped, cleaned and lubed ASAP before any corrosion can take place.
  5. For those who think Revos are 'finicky', keep this in mind. The 'secret' when setting them up for any particular bait is when setting the cast control knob, it should have enough tension on the spool so that a shake of the rod tip is needed to get the bait to drop - no looser. The cast control knobs are very sensitive on them. Two or three clicks make all of the difference. I have the '09 STX with mag brake only and it was my first baitcaster in over twenty years. I have no trouble with it. Of course I backlash occasionally, always my fault, not the reel. No LH model nixes this one for me.
  6. When you're too old to cut the mustard, lick the jar... What's 65 in dog years ?
  7. Sounds like Midwest New Jersey...
  8. The Weber Kettle grill. This one is approaching 20 years old. I knew if I tried long enough I'd find something good that came out of Illinois...
  9. Sounds like my year last year. Trying too many new baits and techniques + crippling heat = suck fishing season. I took a different approach and cleared out my tackle bags and went back to what worked for me in the past, you could say I went back to my confidence baits. One example were tubes, which are far and away my favorite plastic. With the help of another member here (thanks you know who you are) I expanded on the ways to rig and fish them and the results have been great. Take the oppurtunity to step back and take a breath. Clear your head and approach it from a different angle. Work on a technique you want to improve on or refine one you're already good at. When you try too hard at it, it stops being fun. FOCUS
  10. Buy a pack of 20 Poor Boys tubes for under 7 bucks, insert a stickworm down the hatch, cut flush with the end of the tube body and rig backwards. Use the money you saved to buy some cold ones to celebrate all of the fish you caught. Woo Hoo....
  11. A lot of guys from the days of yore haven't been around.
  12. What ? Doesn't everyone roll up a $100 bill and snort live ants off of the ground ???
  13. ding ding ding we have a winner. Like watching a loaf of bread go stale.
  14. Original Lynyrd Skynyrd front man Ronnie Van Zant was a bass fisherman. Here's a little clip from the 70's of him out in his boat. http://www.myspace.com/video/03harleydavidson/ronnie-van-zant-fishing/54367010
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