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Soft plastic repair

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I ripped this from another forum. I'm only showing what was said, I'm leaving the author unnamed. He's known to most of us here, so here goes:

Save some money on the Mend It and go buy some clear PVC glue. Its the same stuff but Mend It adds Acetone to it and places it in an illegal container to sell. The Acetone evaporates in a few months and leaves the Mend It all gummy. The PVC glue will set you back $5 and will last forever. Don't buy the colored glue, just the clear stuff.

Another guy chimed in on the thread and reminded everyone to get the CLEAR glue in the smallest container you can find as it will eventually gum up. Apply it to the torn bait with a toothpick. Don't leave it where it will be in freezing temps or it will be affected.

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I've heard that liquid PVC glue is very similar to Mend It as they are both solvent cements for plastics, but PVC glue cans are messy and the glue will dry or gum up like any other glue. Also, the cans often leak unless you tighten the lids with a vice grip unless you're able to store them upright. I'll leave mine on the workbench, because I'd end up spilling it all over my hands and boat if I brought it along.

Besides, I prefer Pro's Soft Bait Glue over Mend It anyday, but even better yet, a battery powered solder iron. Radio Shack has one for $15-20. I bought one to keep my frogs afloat because they get shredded easily by pike.

Here it is on sale.


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Interesting. I will have to try this, I should have some of that glue at home already.

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