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Lookin for a new crankbait rod, i mainly throw square bills whats a good rod? Brand/length/action


I'd suggest St. Croix as the brand to go with. They make some absolutely amazing rods! For length it varies. If your looking for a square bill rod it's going to be different than if your looking at one for deep divers. If you're looking for the best all around crankbait rod I'd suggest one from 6'6" to about 7'4" any longer than that and you're probably going to find it harder to cast accurately with something like a squarebill where you really want to put that bait on a dime. If I was picking one for all around I'd probably go with a 7' MH/M

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I want a new Lew's David Fritts Crankbait Speed Stick Casting Rod to throw my shallow cranks like...


Rapala DT 4, Mann's Baby 1-Minus

Lucky Craft ( Rick Clunn ) 1.5 RT Rattle In Crankbaits

Rapala Clackin Crank - 2"

KVD HC 1.5 2-1/4" 3/8oz Square Bill

Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Size 03

Spro John Crews Baby Fat John 50

Lucky Craft "Skeet Reese" S.K.T. Mini MR 2" 3/8oz.


For these type of baits, I want the 7' Medium rod.

They are right around $100 bucks, so it wont break the bank.

Be sure to check out the youtube video, I think the handle is a winner.


For deep divers, I would go with the 7' Med Hvy Rod.


If you can't spend BIG money on all of your rods, I think a nice cheeper glass crandbait rod is a good option.

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