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  1. October is an interesting month up here, pretty much everything is still on the table. By the end, lakes can be close to icing up and when the water is that cold, your bait choices go down. Here's a few solid choices that should put fish in the boat throughout the month though. Largemouth Jig Jerkbaits (deep and shallow) Lipless Crankbait Carolina Rig Smallmouth Jerkbaits (deep and shallow) Tube Small boot tail A-rig Blade Bait
  2. Looks like you killed it again! Way to go man!
  3. I'd move the 5 up front for now and upgrade it later. Moving a unit back and forth or spinning it around doesn't seem like a big deal until you're on the water and you realize just how much you move and how annoying it gets spinning it around all the time. Eventually upgrading to something that networks with your other unit to share waypoints makes for a big upgrade. Against the popular opinion I always have my SI running up front. I run it from the transducer on the back of the boat, so yes I'm already past it, but I've got pretty good at lining up with things I see and have caught a lot of fish that way.
  4. I really like my Costas. I've fished with a ton of people, and I know some of it is because I'm taller than most, but I truly feel I see more things in the water than anyone wearing anything other than Costas.
  5. Pretty cool idea in theory, but I'm wondering how well it will work in reality. I could be wrong, but my whole reason for having 2 Power Poles instead of just 1 is when possible I'm using them to pick my boat position. If I put them down in a cross wind, the boat will stay in the same position instead of spinning downwind. If you use either the jog or drag detection, you're not going to be able to keep the same position since the trolling motor can only control the front of the boat so as it navigates back to where it was previously, the rear of the boat will drift and then anchor in a completely different position. I'm also curious which transducer does this operate off of to determine water depth. I would think it would network to the rear transducer so it's accurate to the depth by the poles, but if not, there's plenty of times I'll fish a steep drop where I'll move the rear on top of a ledge and put the poles down, but moving 5' ahead they wouldn't be able to touch anymore so if it pulls off the front one, it would end up using spot lock instead of dropping the poles. I'd have to see it in action as maybe they have already though of all this and can make it work great. Honestly though, I don't feel that it's that complicated to figure out which button to press.
  6. I'm sure there will be more information at or around Icast, but zooming in on it, it sure looks like they all come out. They might be able to tell you early.
  7. Never heard of them before, but it looks interesting. They seem to be pretty proud of their 8 second deployment time, which to me doesn't seem very fast. I also don't know how I feel about the all electric design on a Power Pole styled unit. Having experience with the design, the hydraulic factor allows a cushioning force as the hull reacts to waves and allow you to stay anchored even on hard bottom as they continue to provide a downward force as the hull rises over a wave. If the actuator is static, as the hull goes up, the spike would only be held at a constant distance below the hull where it would lift off the bottom if too big of wave rolls under the hull. Maybe they thought of that, we'll have to wait and see.
  8. Looks like Daiwa's new boxes coming out may have the dividers in both directions removable, could be an option. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Daiwa_D-Box_Utility_Storage_Box_3600_Deep/descpage-DSDB.html
  9. That's a nice looking setup!
  10. An old Bass Pro Johnny Morris Signature Series. I believe it's spooled with 50 lb. Berkley Professional Braid currently.
  11. BoatFX makes a whole bracket and everything with locks on it all...it's not cheap though. https://boatefx.com/products/boatefx-bow-graph-mount?variant=43709969203443
  12. Try tapping the starter with the handle of a screwdriver and see if it'll engage.
  13. I'm definitely all for adding a jack plate as long as the transom can handle it. I'm curious as to why you'd want to run a 10" over a 6" on that small of a boat. The 10" seems like overkill for what you're looking for. Most boats you see a 10" or 12" on are 20+ footers. My 18.5 it's not recommended to go bigger than an 8". A 6" plate would still allow you to bolt shallow water anchor brackets to it. If you wanted to try to go bigger you could buy some fixed setback brackets and put them between the jack plate and the hull like these https://bobsmachine.com/product/fixed-setback-brackets-no-lift/ If you get the 4's and adding them with a 6" plate would give you the 10" you're looking for and at least that way if it doesn't work out, you can move back to the normal 6" plate. One other consideration, would be your steering cables. Depending on where they come out on your boat, you may have to order longer cables, or possibly even convert to hydraulic steering to make it work.
  14. You can run performance plus, but DFI oil is recommended. It's a tough pill to swallow, but bite the bullet and run it. On the positive side a gallon will last you quite a while. I haven't done it yet, but some dealers will sell it to you from their bulk drums and give you a discount.
  15. I use the Trokar TK97W weedless wacky hook. The guards do enough to keep a little bit of the grass off, but soft enough to prevent missing fish.
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