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Any Such Thing As A Two Piece Crankbait Rod?

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I am looking for a 2 piece crankbait rod -- Medium power moderate or moderate fast action, around 7' and ideally fiberglass. I am starting to think that this just isn't possible because the joint would prevent the rod from being a true parabolic rod.


I am looking for a 2pc even though I would prefer a 1pc because I have a small car and travel a lot with my rod, and do a lot of bank fishing.


Does anyone know of a rod that would suit my needs?





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I was in a similar situation last year, I didnt find a 2pc glass rod, but I picked up a Cabelas XML 6'6" MH F and it has been an excellent rod, they have a M MH and H all in fast action, in different lengths. Since then I got a little bit bigger car that allows up to 7' one peice rods, but the XML 6'6" MH F is my go to all around rod, they are very sensitive, and if you didnt know it was a 2pc you wouldnt know.

Good Luck

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It makes me cringe to say this, lol but a ugly stick might fit the bill for your circumstance. There are 4 pc glass flyrods so the need for ferrules that can handle the rods bend is no problem, just finding a production rod to fit such a niche is the kicker. St Croix has a line of nice travel rods, you might check there.

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