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Community Answers

  1. Any Tatula model parts should interchange with those.
  2. If there’s no chips or sharp edges, just keep an eye on it. If/when it becomes an issue, you’ll need to replace the guide.
  3. Spinner baits are notoriously non aerodynamic. There may have been mild environmental conditions you didn’t notice, breeze etc? Also, spinners are often much heavier than their listed weight with blades, skirts and trailers added. I doubt you’re looking at anything mechanical
  4. If you’ve ever used a mid tier ABU, Lews or Pflueger, the Carbonlite compares favorably
  5. I’m happy to fix your reel or even troubleshoot with you if you contact me.
  6. As we often discuss, M, MH etc are subjective terms with no industry standard to define them. For example, two rods may both be rated to cast 1/4-3/4, one labeled M and another MH. The MH may have more backbone making it a better choice in heavier cover. Look at the lure weight rating first, then think about the cover and be sure you have the power you need. Whatever designation the manufacturer puts on it means little.
  7. I keep a spool of elastic string to tie on guides when I can slide a band on
  8. In close, accurate target casting is where they shine.
  9. I can’t for the life of figure out why they’re doing this unless the real goal is to discourage service altogether to sell replacements which may even be an unintended consequence. After the warranty period I’d service them as usual if they were mine but I don’t want to be on the hook for telling anyone else to do it.
  10. The cause of missing inserts is at least partially due to handling. Reeling weights into the tip, poking snags free, rod lockers, bumps, bangs, crushes etc. 💯 nothing to do with braid. Yes some higher quality guides take more abuse before showing signs but none are immune. The only fix is replacement of the guide. Tips are easier, both can be diy if you’re handy and not overly concerned with cosmetics. A professional repair won’t break the bank either.
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