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  1. It’s common for stripped or cross threaded nut to damage the shaft threads. Without seeing it that’s my guess. The hook set part is coincidental. Make sure the retainer is installed. Let me know if you want me to take a look.
  2. When it comes to braid on a baitcaster, outside of frogging or heavy cover it’s all about line diameter and handling. I use line or similar diameter to mono or fluoro you’d use in similar applications.
  3. Epoxy finish is not structural. Wraps are required to adhere the guides. Wrapping ultra light tips is challenging. Welcome to rod building
  4. It’s impossible to say for certain without seeing it. Sometimes things just don’t seat quite right when reassembling. Drag chatter causes depend on the drag material. Some require grease (shimano dartanium for example) some run dry(synthetic and nylon that I suspect is in this reel) or can be used either way (Carbontex). Expectations need to be managed as well. An entry level reel developing some feel or sound after use or deep cleaning is not uncommon. I don’t think you did any harm in your lube process even though not optimal. Grease is not good on level winds due to their exposed nature. The grease collects debris and grit and will gum up.
  5. I have to discourage this practice. There are way too many things that can go wrong. The gear tolerances in a reel are not tight enough to benefit from polishing especially under power. Any improvement noticed after this process is coincidental imo.
  6. Choosing an abu over a Lews is equivalent to choosing a Chevy over a GMC. 6/half dozen.
  7. The KR rapid choke is my go to as well. 20H/10H/5.5m runners….. I have used the Microwave set from AmTack and they perform very well too. They are a no brainer to setup , perfect for newer builders imo.
  8. Welcome. Where in NY? I’m in CNY, Mohawk Valley between Albany and Syracuse.
  9. Northern don’t want to post a reply, there are just too many variables. $550 give or take for a rough estimate. Shipping is another variable based on location, packaging etc. for a good estimate provide the following: rod type (spin, cast , fly etc) and length if known. application/technique/species/lure weights grip preferences: material, full vs split any special requests (color, theme, etc) I do a preliminary quote, a follow up phone call (1 or more as needed) to answer questions and discuss options, send a formal quote with all details, once accepted request 50% down pmt, build is scheduled, upon completion balance is billed, rod ships upon receipt of payment. it sounds like a bit of a process, and it is by design. You’re paying for the builder’s expertise, advice and craftsmanship and deserve the extra attention. Let me know if you or anyone reading has any questions about my process or custom rods in general. Thanks Mike mlawson@delawarevalleytackle.com
  10. Building a rod as good or better is definitely within possibility. Be cause you’re talking about a hand crafted item from a small business don’t expect cast saving among your buying decisions. Each builder has their own pricing criteria. Email me if you’d like a quote and to discuss options.
  11. Bulldogs ideas are good ones but it’s impossible to diagnose with certainty with such vague information. Keep us posted on your progress.
  12. Too quick of a hookset is a myth. If they want it you couldn’t be quick enough to pull it away. It yes a mod fast rod can double as a jig/worm and crank rod. It depends on the specific rod as there’s no industry standard for power or action ratings
  13. Upgrade to Carbontex and don’t look back. Pretty sure I have a kit in stock.
  14. I use the st Croix M XF 6’8” as a go to for jerkbait rods
  15. There’s no need grease a carbon drag in a bass reel especially a baitcaster. Cals tan is the best choice for felt, dartanium etc wet drags. As for the rest, marine grease for gears, gear oil in frame bearings, level wind and sliding parts. Light oil in spool bearings: bantam, Remoil, light hydraulic oil all work.
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