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Good Spawn Bed bait?

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I understand this bait sits upright on the bottom with a "head down" attitude,like its feeding. Can anyone whos used this bait confirm this? If this is the case,wouldnt this bait be good on the beds?

Any other first hand experiences with this bait would be appreciated.


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Walmart has the storm baits that look a lot like the bait you're looking at for a great price.

I don't like fishing bass on beds... but the best bait is a tube.


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What the bait represents, or even the color, are often of very little importance to the fish.

I do often like to use something white or chartreuse, so that I can more easily see my bait, to get it exactly where I want it, and also so if the fish eats it, I can see it disappear.

But IMPO, the most important aspect of a bed fishing bait, is that the hook should be wide open, like these......



BTW, these are old shots... I do have, and use, white and chartreuse huddle-bugs, as well as chartreuse basstrix bluegills.

When I hook a fish on these, it's extremely rare that I will lose them....



PS, I'm sorry, but I just have to tell you about this :D

When I was doing my spell check, it got to Basstrix, and asked, "Are you sure you don't mean > Asstrix ? Uhhhh.... Yes. I'm sure. I think that would be for a different website :)  LOL

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