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Replaced My Top Guide Few Questions

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Alright, I'm just now getting started into bass fishing. I bought a Johnny Morris Rod/reel combo from a buddy for 75$ it was all perfect other then the tip of the pole lost its O ring. So it being my first time and should have watched a video but didnt I replaced it by putting a lighter too it well I didnt realize the top would slip off till I burnt the tip off.. I wasnt to happy, but any ways I cut off the burt part it took about 1 inch off the pole. I bought a new top guide and put it on. I'm just curious my top guide is actually a bit bigger then the one right under it, will it affect anything it being bigger? Or will it be the same thing as it being smaller? Will it decrease my sensitivity alot? On a good note. I found a great pound today and fished it caught 14 bass in about 3 hours my biggest ever being at 4 lbs and another at 3.5 lbs the rest from 1lb to 2.5lbs. So that made the mood a bit better. Buddy said my scale was off and theres no way that bass was 4 lbs because I sent a pick so drove to the local walmart found me a 3 lb and 5 lb wait attached a peice of fishing line to each one and weighed them scale showed 3.10 lbs and on the 5 lb weight 5.02 lbs. He still doesnt believe me.. lol thanks for any input guys!

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Ideally, you'd use the lightest tip top you can but one size up on the ring isn't a killer. You'll be fine.

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