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Pound Test On Mh / Heavy Casting Rods?

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Reading through the same question for Medium power rods I see a lot of you are using 12# mono.  Which leads me to wonder what you use on your MH and Heavy rods.  I use 12# on MH, 17# on Heavy rods.  Since you are using 12# on Medium I assume at least 15# on MH and 20# or more on Heavy?  I realize fishing conditions will have a lot to do with choice.


So far MH rods are the only place I use braid.  (On casting rods...spinning is another story.)  I've got 30# braid on one Medium casting rod only because the reel I am using on it came supplied with that line.


A friend uses 15# CXX which has a diameter more in line with 17# in other brands on both Medium and MH rods.  Guess you could say his Medium rods are loaded for bear.  :teeth:


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Well if you read my response in the M post, the MH rod has different applications.  But that doesn't mean I change line weight.  My Med action rods are softer and lend themselves to reation baits where the MH rod I use more fishing plastics or baits I'm going to try and rip through grass as well as open water frog fishing and buzzbaits(both straight braid 20-30lb) and also use it for swimjigs, so all are still running braid 20-30lb with topshots of mono or fc between 10-15lb.

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Line weight and rod power are linked to the extent of the application (target species, bait, cover etc) they are mutually appropriate for but not directly. A range of line weights can be considered for use on any given rod depending on specific application. I may throw a square bill in cover on a med rod and 15 pound line or a T rig in light cover with 12#. On the flip side, I wouldn't likely use the Med where I'd use 17-20#  or the MH where I'd use 8-10# (not that you can't if you feel that's what circumstances call for).

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