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Does anyone have a backup camera on their bigger trucks to help guide you to the trailer hitch or backing up smaller trailers? I got a new work truck that is a Ford F-450 with a solid headache rack on the bed so you can't see anything behind you only through the side mirrors. Sometimes for work I tow small trailers that makes it hard to backup because you can't see them until they are already turning quickly. And you have to get out and keep re checking as you backup to hookup to a trailer. I was curious if the backup cameras are any good or getting better with technology.

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I installed the wireless type by Peak on my Colorado.

The camera goes on the two license plate screws and I put its transmitter in the bed on the left side.

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Yes I have an el cheapo wireless from Walmart that works great. I have a 20' boat with lots of tongue weight  ,and the ball has to be directly under the hitch in order to  work.. The camera has a mount that slips over  the bumper and looks directly  at the ball.12 v power comes from the plug on the truck where the trailer lights connect. The unit is removed and stored  inside when done. 

The tv screen plugs into the lighter recpt. and is stored after use..

I use it only for connecting the trailer, not for backing up.

This gadget saves various parts of my anatomy from abuse. Well worth the money..

Ebay is loaded with these wireless  cams.


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My backup camera is my fishing partner.  :)

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