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Lowrance Point 1

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 I have a hds 5 gen2 in the bow and a hds 7 gen2 at the counsel They are networked ,with downscan & side scan ,I would like to know about the Point 1 antenna . Advantages , disadvantages ,ETC . I Fish alot of Waypoints with no visable references . Would the point 1 be more accurate in getting me closer to the waypoint ? Or would the gps on the units be just as accurate ? The HDS units seem to get me close withen 10 or 20 feet But would like to be more accurate like 2or 3 feet 


  Thanks for any help ! 

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Simply put, there are no disadvantages.  The Point-1 provides a position update 10X/sec, while the Gen2 internal antennas update 5X/sec.  The biggest advantage is that the Point-1 has a built-in heading sensor (compass).  This completely stabilizes the chart at slow boat speeds so you always know exactly what direction the wpt is from the boat while fishing.  It is an absolute must-have item for offshore, pinpoint fishing.  With some experience, the Point-1 completely eliminates the need for marker buoys.

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I'll second what Todd said. There are no disadvantages to it. Since your s/s and d/s are being read off the transducers in the back the point 1 will be slightly more accurate if you get the puck over your transducers. If you had transducers on the front and back you'd want to install the puck on the back and only pull the heading off it for the bow. Since this isn't the case you wouldn't have to worry about all that. 

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