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3 Rods For Most Applications

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I have limited space in my boat, with a rod locker that really only has space for 3 rods. I'm trying to decide on three types of rods that will perform best with the techniques that I use most often, as I would like to be able to lock them up when I'm not on the water. I realize that some of you might ask why I wouldn't just swap the rods out depending on the day, but that's not always possible as I am often on trips away from the house. So work with me here.  ;) Most often I will be drop shooting, vertical jigging a spoon, using a jig/tube, throwing a fluke, and casting a crank bait or topwater bait. Drop shotting is a primary tactic, so I think I should dedicate one slot to my favorite drop shot rod as I don't see it's extra fast action being applicable for many other presentations. I think my 7 foot casting rod would cover the crank bait and topwater. And I thought to cover the vertical jigging, jig/tube, and fluke presentations that I might be able to get away with using a jerk bait rod. I would appreciate some opinions please, thanks.

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Yup ... that thread is spot on!  Liked it a while ago.

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Roadwarrior's 3 combo setup will do everything you want to do without any real compromise. Most of us have more, but it is a matter of convenience and desire rather than need.

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