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Orochi Xx Fss... Your Thoughts?

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Thinking about getting a do-it-all crankbait rod for next season and the 7' Flat Side Special has made my short list.  Anybody use this rod?  I'm looking for it to do ~10' deep cranks or less, spinnerbaits, traps, buzzjets, bigger inlines like snagless sallies and probably even 5/8oz wakebaits like the CL8 mighty mouse, bettencourt rodent and the like...  The faster action rods I have now simply aren't cutting it for these and I'm missing out on action and hooksets.  




I know everyone hates the terms, but I need a one rod quiver-  I have one slot and I need a rod that will make me happy over a wide range of vibrating & wobbling baits.  I am also a sucker for well made things so while I'm sure others could make me happy, I am intrigued by the Megabass line so your thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks!       

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I fished it for several months. It's not a parabolic action like a typical crankbait rod but i liked it for wiggle warts and deep little N's. It would fish 3/8 oz. spinnerbaits fine and it was a good topwater rod for redfins, spooks ect.

 If you don't mind the length it would probably make a nice jerkbait rod also.

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