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Need 2 Combo Suggestions - Rods Under $90

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I need two combos still for lake and river fishing, sometimes in thick mats.  I will put Pro Qualifiers on both of them but am not sure what speeds.

I need a topwater combo for light stuff like Pop'Rs, Spooks, etc…looking for suggestions on rod length, stiffness, and action and rod suggestions under about $90…also, should I use a 6.4.1 on this?

Also need a worm rod in about 7 feet length…don't want to spend over about $90 on the rod…do you suggest a medium heavy?  What tip?  6.4.1 or 7.0.1? 

Feel free to suggest specific rods but if you tell me I can get it online, please tell me where!

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Okay. I'd either go in the 50 dollar range or bump your price range up 10 bucks to the hundred dollar range. I can only think of a couple rods in between there. The Abu Garcia Vendetta being one of them.

-50 bucks you can get the Abu Garcia Vengeance. I have one, it's a pretty good rod. Not a G Loomis but it gets the job done. The Bass Pro Tourney Special is in this price range too.

-100 bucks you can get:
   the Duckett Ghost, which I've heard is a superb rod for the money

   the Abu Garcia Veritas, same thing

   lower end St. Croix

   A Bass Pro Extreme

   I think the Diawa Lexa rods are around there too. Lot more options in this range.

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