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Inshore Equipment At The Pond?

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Good evening fellas

More and more as I browse online looking at reels I stop and ogle the inshore ones

Specifically the inshore quantum smoke spinner

God I want it

It's so sexy

But. Is their any negatives to inshore equipment down at the pond or up at the creek?

I've always wondered if the difference is only higher corrosion parts which in turn raise cost

Will the smoke inshore handle my bass gear just like a similar size fresh smoke?

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I have separate reels for each venue mainly because I prefer a 4000 reel in salt and a smaller one for fresh, which does not mean that a reel can't do double duty.  There is only 1 thing I don't like about the smoke inshore, the knob is smaller than I would prefer, but I like the reel a lot.  I have used it a few times, it's a darn nice reel.  My friend had the 30, sent it in to Quantum and upon his request exchanged for a 40 (free) which he likes lot better, fishes both fresh and salt with it.  I believe the drag is the same as my Cabo, my favorite reel.  Smoke inshore could very well be my next reel.

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Beautiful saltwater reel at an excellent price point.


Just check the line test parameters and match them with your rod's parameters and go fish.


If you don't like the set up then scale down.


I have a friend who fishes for bass using his saltwater rigs and he does OK with his setup.

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The only difference is a slightly different metal with corrosion-resistant coating, a sealed clutch, and some blue parts; between the original smoke and smoke inshore anyway. They weigh about the same, same drag, etc., and the smaller sizes will work fine for bass fishing. The new Smoke has a few differences, but it's not a huge difference either.

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I have a Revo Inshore and a Daiwa Coastal. The Revo Inshore is probably the most reliable reel I have ever owned. I have used it casting striper lures in the surf, and casting smallmouth lures in the river. I have hauled in some hefty stripers with it. The Daiwa coastal I intend to use consistently next year, not as easy to cast as the revo. I would say inshore reels are great, even if they never see a lick of salt.   

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