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How Does The Tatula Match Up To The Old Zillion?

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Does it have that extremely solid feel to it like the old zllion. My bass pro doesn't have the tatula for me to handle and check out for myself. How else does it compare?

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Is it a zillion,no. You are also comparing a reel that retails at $150 to a reel that retailed around $250. That being said, I just got my 3rd Tatula in the mail today. Actually just finished tearing it down to give it a good cleaning and add 4 more bearings to it. I also own a Td zillion so I have fished them side by side. Personally I feel that the zillion is more solid feeling but once again price played a part of that. It's also not by a landslide either. The Tatula is a well built reel. You can't really get much better for the $100 you can get them online. The one I got today ran me $81 shipped off amazon. It's quickly becoming the reel to beat at $100. Actually I don't feel it can be beat at what you can get them for. If it was at retail then there might be a few contenders. I'd say you won't be disappointed with a Tatula. I would suggest trying to handle one mounted on a rod first. Some don't like the size of it. It's not huge but it is a bit bigger than most low profile reels. Hope some of this might of helped in some way.

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