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One Of Those Weeks....

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Ever have one of those weeks from...

Heading to Academy to buy some fishing stuff I don't need, my truck dies on the hiway...motor sounded weird, won't run...get it towed to shop, they look at it Tuesday, keeps throwing many codes, won't crank...call dealer (out of warranty), it's an 08  2500HD w/ 25k miles, dealer gets it towed to dealership, dropped lifter, bent valve, sheesh. Luckily, the dealership owner is a friend...he said he would cover it for me. So went to get a loaner, he gives me a sweet 2015 gmc crew, loaded, dang it's nice...anyway, looked at my truck, the lifter was still stuck in the block...ouch. 

Nothing but craziness at work, real busy, and more craziness, people leaving and others calling in sick. I am just waiting for the weekend to go use all these new goodies I got from TW in the past couple of weeks, wife and girls are headed to New Orleans for the weekend, yahoo,me and my son will be fishing for bass during the day, and redfish at night all weekend!

screech....my boy comes down with some kind of resp. infection and has been laid up for 2 days really sick. Feeling a little better tonight.

I'm guessing the Lord did not want me fishing this weekend.


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All things work for the best....remember my grandma saying she was standing at an airport watching a plane take off that she missed by just a few minutes...later the plane crashed.....

She was shaken but still alive?!

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My kinda week....except my luck like that has been lasting years lol

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Sounds like Mother  Bass put the "Gree-Gree" on you.

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