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    Do chase that little white ball with my wife once in awhile and LOVE playing with grandkids.

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    Moved here from Oregon about 2011 I believe to be with grandkids and family.

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  1. I'm sure it's wonderful...truel. Glad your all happy....I can do only small sport checks and it looks good. Tight lines
  2. In the face of fear I went to denstist afew months ago...expensive and painful but I put the big boy pants on....shivering... Went back in two days ago because started feeling some more signs.....dang...am weighing a lot of options here...one beinging is it worth it ....yes...no pain now....one worry gone I hope. Sorry words jump around but this ride continues..but we have good news....get to go fishing sat...small tourney with son...then not sure as I believe the boat is going up...good news...boats are selling but news....by...by. Could go on but you all know the story....I'm still smilling....but...you all hook one for me too. Eye's croosing....gotta go.
  3. Lifting and wishing the best....so hard to read everything here but I get bits and pieces...fingers crossed too
  4. Sorry for your loss....lifted
  5. Glad things are better for ya....I'm still pushing...and praying for you all...like I've said...this life is such an adventure. Litterly have to read or try and read something three or four times to finally get it to focus ....try.. No pity wanted....my Uber driver (beautiful) wife of 47 years is an angel loaned to me from above. Well....first cup done...making to many mistakes....may all your days be blessed.
  6. Wow...world is full of wow's....In God I trust.....everyone else pay cash!! Hope road smooths out for you and yours
  7. Wow.....just Wow. What a ride. Most have no idea. Did not think I would post again...to hard...to emotional...didn't want to show weakness and going down hill. I force myself to go fishing now...golf with wife too....do I still enjoy...YES....does the brain want me to get off I disagree....NO. It's amazing to be standing in one place looking at something and then have it dissapear...amazing. There are many going through much much worse so I am eternally grateful for you all and your friendship. I could go through lots of little side journeys....oh my....will not. I will look outside...at my my...my kids...neighbors...friends and thank God I've been truely blessed. Coffee is awesome this morning by the way by the way. I think I did pretty good in the spelling department this morning...my all of you and yours keep looking up.... Today see pretty clear....thinking part may not be the best.... I find on this new walk brain kinda comes and goes which is one of the big reasons I don't talk much....don't go out much either as people like to stare...now I know what my daughter truly went through on her cancer journey... Not gunna bore ya ll anymore....thanks for listening ...go catch a gig un. Hope somewhat understandable....now that I read it for the third or forth time....I'm not sure.
  8. Getting pretty hard to focus and read and the harder I look at it the my cancer ridden brain isn't very positive and I'm not sure I'm thinking the right way I would want to anyway. Lot of good people on here with many ideas both young and old ....watching on the sidelines I see old values's go more to the wayside justifies by political correctest or other !@#$......... Thank you for the views...friendship and some good "BS" and such....Got nothing proverbial to say...except maybe hope your all looking up. Hope to see ya on the other side. Thank you "BR" for a clean scope
  9. Will not forget...to many others are.... Sadness
  10. Going through state four glioblastoma (spelling) has been a ride....and I can't image what you all are going through..I can only lift you all up and pray for the best.
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