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  1. Everyone seems to think Pickle Ball is easy and designed for old farts. Injuries are quite common. Stick to fishing and be careful!
  2. Well, nothing I fish works like the Flatworm, but generic worms will work sometimes.
  3. Moving a little bit west of the Smokey Mountains, we grow rocks and trees.
  4. Hello guys, i am italian bass Angler, i'm Sorry but i don't speak english very well. I writing because i would like to have information about two nrx+ rods, the jwr 893c and the bjr 883c. Regarding the jwr 893c, I would like to know if it is suitable for weightless soft plastics : type soft plastics that weigh a maximum of 15 grams, such as the 4.25" keitech tube salty cores. I was looking for a rod to be used mainly with weightless soft plastics: back sliding technique. Also I would also like to know if it is good for 1/8oz leaded neko rig, but using substantial baits (like 6/7" worms) also in this last case between worm and lead I would stay on 15 grams. Regarding the 883c bjr instead, I would like to know if, in addition to chatterbait, it could also be good for soft plastics, being yielding, is there a risk of not achieving the hooksettings? A thousand thanks. Thank you very much for your availability, from Italy❤️ I'm Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards from Italy❤️
  5. The Dark Sleeper is the real deal, but it loves rocks, branches and stumps! Be sure to bring your lure retriever and don't fish them from the bank.
  6. Looks just like the Neko Macho that came out several years ago. I think I have all 14 colors. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Daiwa_Yamamoto_Neko_Macho_Worm/descpage-DYNM.html
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