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  3. roadwarrior's post in Florida Boy Smallmouth Fishing was marked as the answer   
    How 'bout Pickwick in October? You don't need to pull your boat, I can take
    care of that.  It's probably a two day drive each way, so you should plan on
    fishing at least three days. Flying is a better option and you really don't need
    to bring anything.  Fishing generally picks up around the middle of the month .
    The week of the 16th might be something to target.
    I will send you a PM and you can call to talk about it.
    -Kent  a.k.a. roadwarrior
  4. roadwarrior's post in Anyone else a metalhead? was marked as the answer   
  5. roadwarrior's post in Which jigs are correct for fishing for larger LM's at the bottom of small lakes? was marked as the answer   
    Grid Iron G2
  6. roadwarrior's post in How do you teach someone to catch fish? was marked as the answer   
    "Just Getting Started"
    Guaranteed To Catch Bass
    I just cant catch bass
    Learning to fish on your own
  7. roadwarrior's post in Selling Your Work? was marked as the answer   
    **Respond to this in a PM**
    Otherwise, selling anything you make or buy for resell is prohibited.
    -Kent  a.k.a. roadwarrior
    Global Moderator
  8. roadwarrior's post in Need help simplifying. was marked as the answer   
    #6 Yo-Zuri  Hybrid on spinning tackle
    #12 YZH for baitcasters
  9. roadwarrior's post in Other Species on the A-Rig? was marked as the answer   
    My #1 striper rig!
    Hint:  Johnson Silver Minnow on the middle wire.
  10. roadwarrior's post in “Swimbait” - Confusing terminology was marked as the answer   
    "Swimbaits" usually means hard baits.
  11. roadwarrior's post in Hybrid Flouro/ Mono Line was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it's an all-around line.
  12. roadwarrior's post in What is a aggressive bass fishing bait. was marked as the answer   
  13. roadwarrior's post in How To Figure Out The Primary Forage was marked as the answer   
  14. roadwarrior's post in Anyone buy a house on the lake? Fish more? was marked as the answer   
    Living on a lake is like owning a piece of heaven. It does not require any more maintenance 
    than any other home. I prefer keeping my boat in the water rather than putting in every time
    I want to go out.  
  15. roadwarrior's post in Sons getting ready to buy braid for a big heavy duty spinning set-up. was marked as the answer   
    #30 Smackdown Stealth Gray
  16. roadwarrior's post in Pond seems hotter after 10:00 AM. Why? was marked as the answer   
    Best fishing 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.
    My theory is maximum light penetration. Stimulates the plant life ---> baitfish---> predators.

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  18. roadwarrior's post in Snook Fishing was marked as the answer   
    This section is for any type of saltwater fish or freshwater species other than bass.
    Start a new topic whenever you like, it's free!

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  20. roadwarrior's post in Input Needed....... Rod For Pixy L Or Ml?? ***rod Found*** was marked as the answer   
  21. roadwarrior's post in Where To Use Grease/ Oil? was marked as the answer   
    Go to "Videos" at the top of the page. Type "reel maintenance" into the "Search" feature.
    We have several "how to" videaos stored. Maybe this is the only one you will need: 

  22. roadwarrior's post in Setting Up A Bait Caster For Crank Baits? was marked as the answer   
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  24. roadwarrior's post in Beginning Jig Fishing Help was marked as the answer   
    Read the pinned thread at the top of this page.
    Then if you have some specific questions, post
    them up and our guys will be glad to respond.
  25. roadwarrior's post in Line Conditioner? was marked as the answer   
    I use KVD Line & Lure Conditioner religiously!
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