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  1. I would pull a Jitterbug out of the t-box and cast n retrieve until my arm turns numb, why ? 1.- I've caught some very nice fish 2.- I like the gurgling sound of the 'bug 3.- It's awesome to se a fish hit it like if there's no tomorrow
  2. Grab your biggest hard swimbait and throw it, you can bet the little buggers will get hooked just to ruin the action of the bait, that's what happens to me pretty much everytime I fish with hard swimbaits.
  3. Most amazing thing is how she suddenly changes from soprano to growl, completely unexpected.
  4. With all honesty I prefer Floor to Tarja, not saying Tarja isn't a great singer but I like Floor's style and performance much more...... now that I come to think about it, imagine us all 50-60 years old in 20+ years at a retirement home, watching all those 70+ years old farts playing Iron Maiden or Judas Priest songs.
  5. My friend Pedro had a pond in his grandfather's ranch, I estimate it may have been about 100 m in length and 50 m wide, half a hectare in surface, for years we fished that pond and caught nothing but dinks by the truckload, 8 - 12 inch fish all day long, I'm not going to deny it, it was fun because they were always very cooperative. One day we went to fish expecting nothing more but a good time but that day was different, that day I caught my first 10 lber ever, not only that I caught another one later in tha day and lost another biggie right at the bank .... the pond we fished for more than a decade and produced nothing but dinks. So to answer to your question, yes, there is the chance that there might be something bigger and like in my case, it may take years before you catch it but you won't know if you are not there fishing, who knows ? maybe you will be there, that particular day.
  6. Do not overthink it fellas, there's no shad ---> no problem there's no shiners ---> no problem there's no bluegill ! ---> no problem there ain't no spinnerbaits swimming freely in any lake/pond/river in the world and pretty much if you fish with a spinnerbait you will catch fish. I've been fishing for more than 4 decades and honestly speaking, I don't believe in "match the hatch", to me is just a bunch of nonsensical mumbo jumbo and the last thing I care about when picking a lure from my tbox when I'm fishing is about how much it resembles something the fish might eat in that place. So, if you want to believe you need to "match the hatch" let me tell you ain't thinking right by thinking you need your baits should look like X or Y, bass forage is extremely variable and in hundreds of cases it might even be regional and what is available in Cali may not be available in Tx and so on, the ONLY FORAGE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE IN THE PLANET WHERE THERE'S BASS IS BABY BASS.
  7. WAIT ! THAT WOULD NOT BE FAIR FOR THE PROS, my fellas would do some serious bass whopping.
  8. I've caught thousands of fish with nylon monofilament including my 14.5 lber PB probably 80% of those with Trilene Big Game Most of my reels are spooled with 10,12,14 & 17 lb Big Game The only times I don't fish with Big Game is when I "finesse" fish. So ..... why fix it if it ain't broke ?
  9. You asked: really good Really good: Shimano Calcutta/Conquest But of course, when you shell out 550 bux for a reel it must be purty darn good !
  10. I was at home having breakfast and watching Dinosaurs ( call me silly but I liked that series ) before leaving for work, business hours for me are 10 AM - 3 PM and 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM but we start very early or very late many times. Phone rang, it was my mother telling me to turn on the TV and tune the news, an "accident" had happened, an aircraft had crashed against one of the towers of the WTC Tuned CNN and I watched how black smoke came out from the top of the tower, reporters said that a "small" aircraft impacted the tower, as they were saying this another camera points to the area where the plane crashed, as I saw it I thought: "small aircraft" my rear end, that's one frigging HUUUUUGE hole ! More takes, bla, bla, bla Camera take moves away and now I see both towers and then on the right side of the screen the siloutte of another plane appears and begins to head towards the other tower and in a matter of seconds it crashes against the building, I almost choked on the piece of bread I was chewing. For a moment I thought/hoped that nothing worse was going to happen, back during WW2 A B25 bomber crashed against the Empire State and other than some damage nothing serious happened to the building. So, we got into the car and drove to the business, it's a 10 min ride from my home, as soon as we arrived I rushed to my mother's home, it's only two blocks away from the business, got into the house and into the living room where my mother watched TV, she was there watching the news and as I reach the couch I witnessed how tower 2 collapsed. I went back and forth from the business to her house to see the news and I witnessed the entire ordeal. Let me tell ya'll fellas I am not an emotional person, but if there is a thing, even 20 years later, that can bring tears to my eyes is watching all those firemen, police officers and rescue teams flocking towards the burning buildings trying to save the people inside that inferno. That my friends is courage and bravery far above and beyond of what the words mean.
  11. Am I a precision caster ? yes I am, had to learn to be dead accurate because of where I fished, lots of tiny ponds surrounded by brush or overhanging tree limbs, weedbeds that had "holes" in them, tule covered shallows where you had to put your bait into the tiny pockets or small lakes with tons of submerged brush and trees.
  12. Most of my rods are short, my 3 decade old 5'6" Berkley Lightning Rods, one is a "old" model LR16 pistol grip and the other is a "new" LR15 straight handle ( SHORT straight handle ), GLoomis CR721,722, 723 and 724 ( 6' ), spinning rods are "longer" 6 ft Berkley Lightning, 6 ft Bosco, 6'6" GLoomis SJR782 and Shimano Compre MH. Why so short ? crowded conditions, if fishing from the bank there's a lot of obstructions, if it's from the "boat" then my compadre is quite close since it's a 12 ft tub, sorry, I mean jonboat.
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