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    smaller lakes and ponds in north central Missouri. 

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    Im 60 and have been bass fishing about 35 years. I fish smaller lakes and ponds and love finesse fishing. Fave baits are ned rig, zoom trick worms, etc. I also love topwater fishing. I fish from a 17 ft osagian canoe, and use a portable depthfinder. 

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  1. Iron, I'm a dog lover also. Thank you for being kind to him, and taking good care of him. He's a cool dog.
  2. Larger plastic worms are old favourites for night fishing.
  3. Black musky Jitterbug is my ultimate dud also. It probably scared the fish away.
  4. My brother was a Vietnam Vet. 1968. Thank you to all our veterans this Memorial Day, and everyday. Thank you for the service you've given our country.
  5. Ive never used U40 but have not heard any negatives. For a long time I've cleaned cork handles with Dawn dish soap. It's worked fine.
  6. I can't help with a surgeon, but, I'll wish you the best of luck with this. Hoe you can find the right surgeon and get back to fishing.
  7. When I was targeting trophy bass last summer, I made a couple of post on the subject. I remember A-Jay saying that along with the correct baits, good lines, etc, you need to be mentally prepared. Remind yourself that you might have a long day or several long days when the big fish just don't cooperate. It happens to the best fisherman. They're the ones who are willing to put in the time it takes to catch the huge bass. As I said above, I think it can be a lonely, solitary pursuit. It takes much patience and dedication to the sport to succeed.
  8. Working on an old house for my daughter the other day, I saw a dog at a house close by that was tied to a tree with a short five ft chain. The day was very warm, and the old dog had no water, food, and very little shade. He was just laying there, and couldnt move much. He was obviously exhausted. His owners were not home. I filled up a pan of water for him, which he quickly drank dry. Then, I looked up the number for the local animal control, and called them. I gave him a pan of fresh water before I left. Being a dog lover, these things aggravate me. I don't like folks who mistreat dogs, in any way. So please. If you own a dog, do your best to properly care for them. I hope the animal control folks did something good for this old boy. He deserved better.
  9. A couple of well known fisherman, Charlie Brewer from TN, and Guido Hibdon from Missouri talked and wrote about " leading " a bass from under docks and other cover. Get a solid hookset and keep steady pressure on the fish. Many times, they were able to get the fish to swim out away from the dock, where they could be landed more easily. I've had mixed results with this. Some fish are determined to stay under the docks. Some will swim out easier.
  10. I could never pick just one. Too many good sticks among this group. So I'll say A-Jay, Catt, WRB, and Team9nine. All for the obvious reasons.Ill add Dwight Hottle and T-Billy as alternates. Those are some big shoes to fill.
  11. Expect this to be hard. Catching big fish consistently is not real easy. Last year I fished for big bass most all summer, and never got the 8lb fish I was after. This year I may do this again, but I'm not going to get consumed with hunting trophy bass. It's a lonely pursuit, and is not easy. Good luck in your trophy hunting.
  12. Last summer I ordered a Charlie Brewer 50th Anniversary glass rod. It only 4'9 in length. It's perfect for close in casting small baits. Like others have said, I grew up fishing with rods no longer than 6 ft. They still can have a place from my canoe.
  13. I tie direct. A lot of poppers sit tail down in the water. When you move them forward they come up level on the surface.
  14. I like the Storm Chug Bug.
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