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  1. You’re welcome! Welcome to the Dark side. Also as the DS lmao! These baits crush fish! I throw em in the salt, pike, largemouth anything! Enjoy it!
  2. One of my favorite baits to fish. Caught a lot of fish on them, big bass, pike and stripers. They catch fish! I fish the high end glides I just think they have a better action, and sink rates! I never liked the main brand glides until I bought my first high end glide. It was a DS customs. Fishing that glide it quickly became one of my favorite baits to fish. I had the best season I’ve ever had on that in my 30 years of fishing New England. In the first month of owning it, I caught an 8lbs 2 ounce, 7lbs 5 ounce 7lbs 1 ounce and many smaller fish on that bait! Plus with the high end baits, especially DS customs he can make any pattern you want!
  3. This has been one of the worst springs for bass fishing I’ve ever had. Took a break for a bit. caught my first stripers of the season the other day, caught 3 25-26 inches. Few whacks and missed fish.
  4. Well my 3 days of fishing turned up a whole lotta NO BASS. Fished Friday afternoon, Saturday morning 5-11 and a today 6-11 no bass. Did catch some picks and crappies.
  5. Got a good one the other night. It’s a slump buster. She went 5-2. Got 3 more dink fish. They only wanted a DS ninja wake!
  6. Had a day yesterday. Started out good, non existent bass bite, I haven’t been skunked in a while. The crappie bite was good, caught a dozen on my homemade jigs. Hit spot two, 2nd cast in a broke a rod and lost an expensive swimbait, on the way home I stop at Wendy’s almost got bit by a dog, I was CLOSE!! Then realized I left my favorite fishing hat the spot! Oh to make matters worse still haven’t got a decent bass in a month. I NEED THE SALT!!
  7. Good I need another! I can’t find anything big. Been a month since I’ve broke 3lbs
  8. Got out early this morning. 2 dink bass 2 decent crappies and a small pick. The struggle continues
  9. That’s awesome dude. I haven’t broke 3lbs in a month. I’m struggling HARD.
  10. That’s annoying! I tried my Orra, black max, the ambassador round reels and even other brands that I have
  11. I’ve tried some of my other Abus. I had an old Black max. The nut wouldn’t fit!
  12. Thank you @DogBone_384. I appreciate it!
  13. That’s awesome! Haven’t broke 3 in a month. I need to change that. I need a fish like that
  14. I lost mine screw loose and fell off. Anyone know what I can use? I’ve tried some of my older reels and they won’t fit!
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