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Fishing Marsh Flats At Holiday Park

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I've only been back in the flats once and didn't see any signs of life. I entered through the 2nd or 3rd entrance off the L67. I am just wondering basic rules of thumb in there. What should I be looking for? It all looked the same with no targets that stood out to cast at no structure or cover just marsh. I didn't venture very far in there maybe a 1/2 mile or so. I appreciate any advice guys thanks

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Going to be tough to get any useful information about the flats. Tx are won or lost in those areas. Shallow draft boats are the ticket.

I am out of south Fl now but generally speaking this was my game plan.

It all looks the same, but there are slight variances in depth, temp, clarity, oxygen level and vegetation. Bass like to be comfortable. :)

I used to try to get into little ponds off the trails when I could see them (without getting stuck). They usually hold fish and they get little pressure.

Fish in and around the heavy slop when the sun is up, and the clear water early and late. Spots with deeper water or a little in or out current sometimes has bass waiting for ambush.

Mark your trail or have a GPS. It is easy to get disoriented out there.

Hope some of this helps.

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