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Finding Grass Lines And Boat Positioning

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Hi Everyone,


Once you identify the grassline you will be fishing, for sake of argument lets say an outside grassline in 8-10 feet.  If you cant physically see the grass line what is the best way to follow said grass line without trolling over the top of it and potentially spooking fish.  Really concentrating on boat positioning this year and any info would be appreciated!




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Humminbird Side Imaging or 360:





Another way is to extablish that the outside depth is with a sonar/GPS combo unit and set your GPS map depth shading to that depth and hold just off of it watching your Chart view. I have it set to 14' here:




I do both.

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The best way I know, without the use of a side imaging unit, is to run parallel to the weed-line casting ahead of the boat at 10,12 and 2:00 with a bait that will contact the bottom, but not penetrate deep into the weeds.  If you don't contact weeds with your 10:00 cast, you need to swing shallower and if you're still contacting weeds with your 2:00 you need to move deeper.

The other thing I've done, but involves actually motoring down the weed-line, is use marker buoys to outline the edge and then return to work it.

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On a day I don't plan to fish the weedline, I'll zigzag over the area recording my sonar.  Then I can mark the edge of the weedline on my computer and upload the "track" to my HBird.  Then I just reference my GPS and heading sensor and can be on target most of the time.  The weedline will change as the season changes but this initial evaluation will get you close every time.

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