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Des Plaines River

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Alrighty so after numerous trips to bass pro and several purchases on tackle warehouse, I cant take it anymore i need to go fishing. I have the Des Plaines river right down the street from me and its the only water around that isnt frozen. What am i throwing and is this even a good idea? tomorrows supposed to be near 40 degrees so i would like to try.

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Well I have the Des Plaines River next to me as well. The river is really low, as we have not had much snow. All the areas by me, I could walk through, shows you how low they really are. I don't know what you're going after, but I would cast out a bobber with a minnow and work it back ever so slowly, and I mean slowly Try to find some deep pockets.


As far as if this is a good idea, well this statement is subjective. First of all I would definitely go with some one, as the water is really cold and if you fall or trip and you land in the water well you know what might happen. Also since the water is so cold your presentation has to be really slow. You might get bored, and since you just can't sit down and enjoy the weather well you might want to stay home and do some reading on the forums. Fishing season will be here shortly. Just hang in there.

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