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  1. Wow nice variety of fish. This is the first time I've seen yellow stripers at a different lake. I remember fishing many years on "The Chain" and catching loads of yellow and white stripers. Did well ice fishing for them too.
  2. I've asked Abu in the past about their reels with too much grease. I also told them that I clean all my own reels. They told me that the reason they put more grease on the reels is because most people will never maintain (clean) a reel. Also, if my reel is under warranty, and I open it and clean it, my warranty is null and void, because they don't know what the real problem was with the reel after it was opened. Give them a call and maybe they will help you out.
  3. We had a small tourney on Delavan Lake this past Sunday. Biggest fish wins all. Delavan has a 1 fish, 18" minimum limit. 3 fish brought in to the weigh-in. Biggest fish was 19-1/2", 3.67 lbs. Myself and another guy tied for second place with both fishes weighing in at 3.56 lbs. My fish was 18-1/4" and his fish was 19". So close and yet so far from 1st place. Sunny day with 9 mph winds. Gills were on the beds, water temp was 64 degrees. My fish was caught in 10 feet of water. Pic of my bass below We also caught 4 bass under 18" and 6 northern pike between 16" and 24"
  4. Mine are Revo MGX Gen 1 and 2 and Revo MGXtreme 1 and 2. I use 12 in rotation and have 12 new in the box at home as extras.
  5. I keep all of my tool in a Plano 3700 box and use the dividers to keep things from sliding around. Out of curiosity how big is your mat and where did you get it from?
  6. I will start by saying I am a die hard Snootie jig user. I tie silicone and round rubber skirts on that jig with no problem. I also use trailers on all my jigs. Yes the trailers sometimes do slip down the hook shank due to the lack of a wire bait keeper. I am in the process of putting in a wire bait keeper in the mold by carving it out. I will see how it goes. I use this jig as a swimbait and for hopping/dragging it on the bottom. Other than I like the smaller sizes of the Snootie, I think the Do-It Manic mullet would be a better choice. However this mold doesn't have an 1/8 oz size, but it has a ribbed collar that may hold plastics better. I will check tonight to see if I can put in a wire keeper in the Snootie mold. Will let you know.
  7. That's a hard question for me to answer. If you can keep them dry and humid free than leaving them in the cups is fine. I've tried to leave them in the cups and for some reason, I am unsuccessful in keeping mine this way. They always clump up for me. I must be doing something wrong. With that said, I put mine back in my Gatorade container. For what it's worth it is easier to keep them in the cups, this way it is always ready to use.
  8. I make the "R" bend spinnerbaits for friends, but for myself I like the twisted loop.
  9. I have been using a lot of Eagle Claw hooks ever since they re-tooled and started to carry Black Nickle hooks. I've used the Gami 604 as a replacement for some customers, however that is for my molds. I don't know what mold you are trying to put that hook in.
  10. I fish there quite often. Fall is prime smallmouth time. If you can find them usually in 20 to 30 feet. Small minnows and crawlers work really well on drop shot. If you want some spots PM me.
  11. I've replaced all my mono on my spinning reels with 8 lb. Yo_Zuri. On my bait caster I have some with Trilene Big Game and the rest with Yo-Zuri in 10 lb and 12 lb. I like Yo-Zuri and have been using it for many many years.
  12. I probably fish the same waters you do as I am from northern IL and fish S.E Wisc lakes exclusively. I can tell you this I used to be a die hard crankbait guy until I fished with a friend I met and he changed my whole perspective on jig fishing. Once I learned to jig fish, I caught more fish and bigger fish. I can tell you this, that not every day is a jig bite day. As I am a very confident jig fisherman, there are some days that I struggle with a jig. At that time need to change tactics. Also I will tell you this, that all the lakes I fish, I use a 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 oz jig max, 1/8 oz being the preferred daily jig. With a trailer it ends up weighing about 3/8 oz give or take. I never fish any heavier jig unless it's 20 feet plus. Also with the lighter jig, the falling action is much different than using a 3/8 or 1/2 oz jig. What I suggest is going into the Fall season, you will get less bites with a jig, but the fish will be bigger. I would also wait till Spring next year and go out on these lakes with only jigs and trailers. This will force you to learn how to use a jig and see what the fish are doing. As dumb as this sounds, I learned to jig fish by feel. Cast your line, close your eyes and slowly hop and stop your jig as it sits on the bottom, waiting for a pick-up or line movement. This will help you concentrate and focus on what's going on. You will feel this thru the rod and into your hands and then into your brain on when a fish taps or picks up a jig. Once you master this you can cast and keep your eyes open as you fish. Concentrating on what's going on and focusing on your line is key. I hope this helps some. Finally, if you want to PM me about some of the lakes you fish, I would be more than happy to discuss some techniques. Good Luck.
  13. There are many places on the web, however if you can find it, I stick with Dupont, Sherwin Williams, IVC and a few others. CS Coatings is good powder but they are expensive. Depends on how much you need.
  14. I clean all my reels and my friends reels and never ever grease on an AR bearing. Dip cotton swab in alcohol and then keep cleaning until clean. I don't coat with anything after it is clean, but in the past I have used a light film of oil.
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