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Newbies with rod building questions. Updated Links!!


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Newbies with rod building questions.... :)

With more and more anglers getting curious about the art of building rods. Many newbie builders come onto a site like this and ask general questions like. What do I need to build me a rod?, or give me a list of the supplies I need.

It has taken me 15 years of trial and error to come up with what I have in my shop. I could sit here and write a list of the tools and procedures that I use to build a quality rod. But many would still not understand the terminology and or the reasons for a step that would be described.

I have placed an article showing the many steps of The Birth Of A Custom Fishing Rod on-line, while the article shows and tries to explain the steps, without some basic knowledge of what is written, it is still not understood by a newbie builder that hasn't done any reading on the subject.

More self help article's.

I recommend to all newbie builders you have to get a basic education. Building a rod is not done over night. It isn't even done in a weekend. It takes time to idealize and produce a fishing tool that will do the job. Many of my own builds can take over 30hrs to produce. The different steps taken in a build all have a reason.

Going into building a rod even if just once in a lifetime, can be an expensive disaster if a builder doesn't understand at least the basics of the art. Yes that's right it is an art.

The first thing I recommend is getting the basic's by reading, this is easy and not expensive. If you are serious about building a quality rod, then I recommend starting with the following book: Rod-Building Guide by Tom Kirkman $14.95

Then there is always a need for some sort of resources, this link is to my rod sites Rod Building Resources page. This page has links to all of the rod building resources that I have used (I am not affiliated with any of them) and they are there to help a builder find and research the different components that may be needed to complete a quality rod build.

If you really want to understand what goes into a quality custom rod then I recommend that you visit my site at the DG Rod Works and follow all of the links. It is there to try and educated new builder's as to the many facets of producing a custom fishing tool, and some of what can be accomplished on their own if they are so inclined.

Once you have some basic knowledge of what to expect when researching an idea for building your own rod, the best source for educated help on the net is  Rod Building . org Message Board..

While many posters will get answers to their request for directions on how and what do I do, to build me a stick, poll, rod, that is the most efficient tool I can have.

I hope no one reading this with aspirations of building a rod finds this to be to brutal, it is just to clear up some of the request that have been posted for direct answers without any research on the posters behalf. There are almost no standards when it come to custom building, and a list or how to answer, here on this fine forum will not do any good without research and an some education on the new builders part.

Good Luck & Tight Wraps All!!!!  

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