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Josh Smith

Shimano Corsair, Part Ii

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A while back I posted a question asking about the Shimano Corsair.


The consensus is that it is junk.


Now, I can't figure out how it can be that bad.  I've never found a baitcaster I couldn't cast well.  I'm not all that special; just been doing this a long time now.


Can you all expound on why the Corsair is bad?  Does it fall apart, or is it simply uncontrollable...?  Where are the issues with this reel?


Just so you know where I'm coming from, I'm the type who likes to hotrod AMC engines and shoot MOA with Mosin-Nagants simply because folks have told me it can't be done.  I figure the Corsair reel is the same thing.





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I have seen on another site pictures of a few corsiars and cardiffs that had handle problems .the handle side plate would bend and eventually pop out this was on a catfish forum.

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I had one, it was a round reel and mine had a 4.7:1 gear ratio that I used it for buzzbaits, yes, buzzbaits! I would make a cast and as soon as it hit the water I'd start to reel and sweep the rod at the same time and it was enough so the buzzbait would be up on plane without sinking. Once it was up, you could reel normal and it was just fast enough to keep the bait up but just barely, it was a killer way to fish a buzzbait slow. The problem with the reel is it fell apart in no time, I got 1 season out of it but aside from it falling apart, the spool tension was bad, it would loosen by itself and you would go to make a cast and poof, birds nest, the reel was functional for a bit but the consensus is correct, it was junk. If you find one in good condition, it is probably because someone realized it was junk and quit using it  before it fell apart.

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