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Briery Creek Advise

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and finally heading out to briery in my canoe on Sunday. I have been trying to get there all year! I was wondering if anyone had any advice on which areas to fish I plan to get in on the 701 boat ramp. Maybe going south, I don't mind paddling but I definitely want to get as much fishing in as possible. I have read that the weedless wacky is pretty much a go to but I have only fished small ponds with a wacky rig is it as easy as dropping the rig down next to one or between the many trees or is casting through them the way to go. I appreciate any help to make this trip as good as possible as I don't get to go often. 

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Forget about the trees, they are not remarkable to the fish that live there.

Fish the bottom contours just like you would any other lake.


You need to fish shallower than 17' and deeper than 8' to be where the fish are.


It's SUMMER and the thermocline sets the pattern.

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Thank you, Wayne I really appreciate the help. I was going to get a fish finder today, but because of a mishap with walmart (yet again) it looks like I'm going to have to wait until next week. I am going to use your advice on a large watershed that I have fished many times with my father and know the contour pretty well. It seems that a fish finder is almost a necessity to be successful at briery. I have been reading all the forums I can find about briery and one name always comes up with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for passing on so much helpful information Wayne P. 

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