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Chickahominy River - Looking For Folks To Fish With

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I live on the Chickahominy river in Lanexa, VA.   I am looking for good folks to fish with, I don't own a boat.  I am wondering what clubs are local to me, and what opportunities exist to participate in tourneys as a co-angler.  Getting to good bass habitat without a boat is impossible here.



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Welcome Skunkdoc. Great having you with us.


Being at home gives you the advantage of reading the Forum fishing articles and the various posts.


You may also want to visit Woo Daves (Classic Champion) and read his articles. Woo lives on the Historic James River and he fishes the Chick River.  He is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. See below.


Here are some options to consider:

1.  Fish off Ed. Allen's pier on Chick Lake.

2.  Contact Captain Conway via Ed. Allen to go on a guided Chick Lake fishing adventure.

3.  Rent a skiff and motor from Ed. Allen and fish around the cypress trees.

4.  Ask permission from Ed. Allen to allow you to fish by the skiffs along his bulkhead and around the ramp.

5.  I thought Ed. Allen had a private pond. If so, see if you can fish that pond.

6.  Check out Woo Daves' web page. Woo is a great guy who lives on the Historic James River and he fishes the Chick River. He also has some excellent articles on his web page.

7.  Visit the Virginia B.A.S.S. and FLW Internet sites and check out the regions that are close to Williamsburg for local bass clubs. Many allow coangler and you can fish the Chick, Historic James and other Virginia rivers and lakes for a nominal coangler's fee. I believe the clubs are in Region 6 but Lanexa is also close to eastern Richmond and New Kent so check to note any clubs in those areas you may be interested in joining:


You can find the FLW contact information at the top of the Forum page for Virginia in "links."

8.  Eagles Landing has tournaments every week on Chick Lake. Visit them and ask about what clubs fish out of that ramp and who can you call to inquire about joining their club.

9.  Ask Rick-A-Hock if you can fish off their property. You can get close to the dam and their marina.

10. I believe Colonial Harbor Marina also rents boats and motors. Check it out. If not, they may know the Chick River marina that does.


Wish I could tell you a safe place to fish the River or Lake but I don't know of any.


Do your research and see what turns up.


Good luck.

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Great information, I'm new to the forum also and am still hunting for a club. Seems like most of the clubs here in Virginia are team format though, so it's hard for a non boater to get his foot in the door. 

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