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Calling all St. Louis people.  Anybody having any luck out there?  I can't seem to find anywhere that will produce a stringer's worth for me.  I've been everywhere from Busch Wildlife to Bee Tree Park to the Meramec/George Winter Park and have the same results...............small fish.  Catfish are about the only thing I've caught consistently with decent size.


So, my question is:  Is it just me?  My baits?  Or has anyone else been striking out more than normal lately? 


I use the typical setups: soft baits and willow blades (see my profile picture), lipless cranks (usually sexy shad color), poppers (also shad colored), worms (blue/black, watermelon/green, pumpkin/green, or watermelon/red), and once in a while Jig (gotta have that pig trailer)

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I'm not in the STL area, but generally speaking, in the heat of the summer you find the smaller fish more active in the shallows, especially during the day. 


To catch big bass in the heat, get up early and fish in the morning (or late in the evening as the sun is going down) around structure in deep water, even top water over it, or deep by cranking over it or jigging in it. 


That's not to say you won't hook into something nice in shallower water, it's just that generally speaking the bigger fish move deeper this time of year. It can be hard to find what they want, especially in clearer water, so be patient and try different baits.


Don't give up! In another month or so it'll pick up in your neck of the woods. Fall bass fishing, when you find the fish, can be some of the most fun you'll have all year.

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Haven't had a chance to get out much lately, and haven't fished many of the areas you mentioned this year. Been to bee tree twice this year for a quick outing. Once was skunked the other time got one about 3 1/2 lbs. that's been my experience at bee tree the last few years....not many fish but a good one when I get one. Think it gets a lot a pressure for a small lake. Always people there and have seen several Boy Scout outings there over the years as well.

There's just not too many lakes close to the city and they all get pressure in the summer. I usually head out west and float the meramec river this time of year, have much better luck and a lot of fun. If you are gonna hit local lakes I would follow bassontherange's advice and get out early in morning or late at night. Good luck!

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I know the summer fishing gets a bit harder, but I just feel like it's been a lot harder than normal this year.  I think Venom is right, too many people fishing not enough ponds/lakes.  Gotta get out to the farm and hit up Table Rock for a weekend.

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