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Ideas For Displaying Lures

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I know that lures are meant to be fished but some are just too pretty (or rare) to meet their fate to a watery grave.  Or, at least, when they aren't being fished it's a shame to not put them on display.  Another interesting thread asked how many of one's baits have actually been USED (with some answers indicating less than half) which prompts me to ask this:


Do you have any good ideas on how to prominantly/attractively display hardbaits without damaging them and still making them realistically accessible?  I've thought about getting a shadow box but one good bump and I can envision most of the baits flopping on their sides in a most unsavory way.  I don't really want to hang them from their tie points and I'm scratching my head on how to best go about doing this.  Are there any products on the market for displaying baits?


Thanks much!

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I use a spoon rack, but I don't use these lures...not sure it would be practical for lures that are taken down and put back up regularly


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i'm in the market for a well made old school wooden/wicker creel basket.  I have some old school lures that my grandmother passed down after my grandfather passed.  I'm going to hang them off the creel basket for display and mount his old 60's era eagle claw fly rod/shakespeare reel up over the creel basket.  Just need to find said creel basket, but not one that costs a fortune like the ones i've seen so far...

don't know if that's practical or what you'd want, but that's my intent.  my brother has something similar in his house with an old tin Heddon sign hanging up and it looks great.

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