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Light Flipping/pitching Rod

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So first I'll explain my situation and then my question: I'm a kayak angler from Texas and typically bring about 5 rods with me to cover a majority of techniques, and I often have rods that I can double up for both techniques. Most of the lakes I fish around here contain a lot of diverse cover such as heavy vegetation, standing timber, or submerged wood and flipping into this cover can be a recipe for big fish. In the past, I've been flipping with a 7'3 Micro Magic MH rod, and although it has a fair amount of power, I have 17 pound fluoro on the reel, and I prefer to use this set up for texas rigs and jigs. I'm in the process of purchasing a new setup to be used almost exclusively for pitching: something to flip light tungsten (usually 1/2 Oz) into this cover. I'm willing to go higher in price point but I'm running into more questions as I search for a rod. I was looking at the G Loomis Gl2, and then I saw the new E6X Loomis came out with recently which is lighter weight and more updated. Things became more complicated when I started investigating Dobyns rods, which it seems many are more keen on than Loomis. I would prefer a split grip rod, but I'm starting to realize most longer rods tend to have a full cork handle, something which I liked about the GL2 flipping rod, as it did have a split grip on a 7'5 rod. I also would like something without an especially long butt section, because though I do stand up to pitch often, if I'm drifting with the wind, its easier to remain seated, and I don't want the reel to be far from me. Does anyone have any info about these rods or recommendations they would make me? In terms of reel, I had planned on pairing up with a gen 3 revo STX from Abu with 50 pound braid (has anyone tried that new seaguar braid that's black colored Denny Brauer helped design)? Any info would be much appreciated!

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I'll offer an from St Croix out of the Legend Tournament Bass Line -  is a split grip.


TBC76MHMF - Pitchin'/Lite Flippin' ~ This versatile rod is a great choice for pitching jigs into cover or for lighter flipping applications.





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