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New Orleans Apartment Complex Fishing

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I've been fishing the small 1-1.5 acre pond at my apartment complex since the beginning of summer. I've had quite a bit of success, especially considering people who have lived here for years would stop when the saw me catch a fish that the didn't know there were bass in the pond. Honestly I didn't either. I always saw people catching perch and a few catfish, but I got bored one Saturday while the wife was working and started throwing a Texas rigged Baby Brush Hog with a 1/8oz weight and caught 3 fish my first trip. Since then I'm out there at least 3 days a week on my days off. I've caught all sizes. Anything from the smallest bass I've seen to my PR of 3.1lbs and I've been having a lot of luck lately fishing a junebug colored Berkley Powerworm weightless on a 3/0 Gamakatsu EWB offset worm hook. We're finally getting temps in the 50's down here in NOLA and fishing has slowed down a good bit. Just looking for some alternate techniques. Pond is very shallow. Only 6ft or so in the very middle near the 3 fountains. Very grassy in the middle too. The pond is lined with rocks, and the last time it was redone a lot of rocks fell into the pond, giving it a nice sloping bank of rock all the way around. Most of my catches have come either bouncing my weightless rig off/through the rocks or just off the rocks on top of the grass. I'd really appreciate any thoughts.

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Hello and Welcome to Bass Resource ~


I have three suggestions for you - but please know the conditions you've relayed here do offer many many options.


First is a 3/8 ounce chatterbait with a swimbait trailer.


Second is the Gambler EZ Swimmer swimbait on 5/0 EWG 1/8 ounce keel weighted hook. These type baits excel in & around grass when presented at of just under the surface.


And thirdly I'd highly recommend a Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye Shad - especially for the conditions you've mentioned.


Good Luck



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I'll occasionally fish a similar pond with a buddy

of mine. I've tried jigs, etc., but the most success

has been soft plastics like a weightless wacky worm

either a 4" Senko, or Zoom finesse worms.


But success also comes on a mojo rigged minnow 

from Zoom - something in the 3-4" range, with the

mojo weight pegged up about 18" and the minnow

rigged on a small 1/0 TX style hook.


And welcome to Bass Resource!

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Thanks guys. Appreciate the advice. I'm new to bass so I've just been trying everything to learn some new techniques. Not many spots to bass fish other than ponds in my area.

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My buddy that lived in Gonzales had a drain basin for the housing addition he lived in.  Try dropshotting a  4" worm to those fish. Lets just say it worked really well when I stayed at his house for a week. 

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