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Sunline Shooter Metan Green !!!

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never seen much talk about this line . i've been using it for awhile and it's my go to leader line in 10 & 12 lb. test . i used some Sunline Sniper for a month or two but didn't care for the stretch . wanted to try some Shooter but don't like the glare of clear flourocarbon line so tried some Metan Green as it was on discount at a tackle shop that was phasing out their tackle section and just sticking to their boat section . the line is a lot less stretchy than Sniper and is , in my opinion , a lot more abrasion resistant and more sensitive thanks to it's hardness . the green line disappears in clear water much less in stained water with no glare !!

 The line is more exspensive than most flourocarbons since for $25 you only get 109 yards but if you use it like i do for leaders , it will last you a while !!! i tie this to Sufix 832 low vis green in #30.


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I have wanted to try this as my main line, right now I'm using the sniper and reaction line and love em. I have read that the shooter is stiffer, I know Aaron uses it a good bit, that and the sniper. I also really really like the tatsu.

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Sunline Shooter was thier USA offering about 25 years ago and the line that put them on the map.

It was first introduced in 300 meter spools at $30 for all line lb test from 6 to 25. The price hasn't changed much, however the spool size went down and down! The first retailer I remember was GS Trout supply. It's good line.


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