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Burt And Mullett Lake Smallmouth

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I'm thinking about planning a trip to Burt and Mullett Lakes in Northern Michigan next year around early June, and wanted to find out a bit more about them. My friend and I are going to be on kayaks, and I was wondering if these lakes are too big to even attempt to cover water in search of bronzebacks. We're a couple young bucks who are willing to paddle a bit to get to the fish, but 10 mile runs aren't really something that we'd want to do. We're also interested in camping, on or near the lake. Also, any inside tips as to where the fish are usually located around early June and what types of lures work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Well I live about 100 miles south of Burt/Mullet. Never fished em' but a quick search will tell you that Burt is 9 miles long and almost 5 miles wide. Mullet is about the same size (9 miles long and almost 4 miles wide). Not sure about you but I wouldn't want to paddle that unless I had a sure fire plan to catch fish!!

Without personally knowing the lake(s), and without knowing how the next 2 months are going to treat us, it's hard. But June 1 in Michigan, we would usually look at shallower waters/flats with access to deeper depths. This time is usually either spawn or a transition period from spawn to post-spawn (depending on the water you're fishing and how the Winter/Spring was temp wise) but both will keep bass close to shallow water.

1. Research bass patterns for spring/summer
2. Research the lake
3. Research lures based on the above two
4. Watch the weather the closer your trip comes up (reach out to someone and ask about water temp too).


I've attached a quick topo map from my Navionics:


Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 3.54.38 PM - Display 1.png

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