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Lowrance Hds Gen 2 Touch

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I recently purchased 2 Gen 2 Touch Units one with the LSS transducer.  One is going at the bow with a trolling motor mounted 83/200, and the other at the console with a hull mounted 83/200 and flush mounted LLS transducer.  My question is "While I'm fishing up on the bow, if I have the two units connected via ethernet cable, will I be able to use the 83/200 transducer mounted on the trolling motor for regular 2D sonar as well as look at DownScan/Sidescan Imaging from the LSS?"  Lowrance Tech Support seemed like they just wanted to end my call ASAP without providing a confident answer for me IMO.  Also, does anyone have an HDI transducer mounted to the trolling motor to have regular sonar as well as DownScan Imaging directly below rather than coming from the transducer mounted 20' behind you?



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Scan imaging works at it's best when moving, if you're trolling (basically <1mph) you aren't getting the best image from scanning. You will still get imaging but it won't be optimized.


Ethernet will allow you to select your sources for 2d and LSS. I have gen2 up front with trolling motor sonar and LSS-2 piggybacked from my gen3 at the console going to the front gen2

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In short, yes you can do what you're looking to do. When you do setup, you'll be able to select the source of your information

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