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Trolling upgrades: footwell, motor, wiring, accessories

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I'm looking to upgrade my trolling motor to a Fortex 80 and I figured I'd trick out the whole smash. I am pretty inexperienced on stuff like this. I like the Fortrex's lift assist due to a herniated disc in my low back.

One of the items is a recessed well. Seems like it'd help my back some. I've seen a bunch and I like the ones that metal. Has anyone seen problems out of the fiberglass and plastic ones? Any recommendations? I am concerned about support clearance on my 2012 Alumacraft Pro 175. At least  I don't have carpet (spray on liner) so won't have to deal with that.

I'm a little concerned with wiring it up. I have a 12V Edge right now so I'll need another battery. There's a group 27 in there now and I have a spare group 24 but I figure they need to match. I also may need to upgrade breakers/fuses and wiring  (#6 ok?). I also have a 2 bank 20 amp on board charger, will I still be able to use that or will I have to go to a 3 bank?

I'll probably throw a Troll Perfect on it to help with whippiness and the wind in my aluminum. Probably will get a G-Force handle too to help my back.

Lastly, what's the consensus on transducer shields? I have an 898 DI up front and want to takeep care of the transducer. 

Sorry for the pile of questions. I just have so many things to consider and I know so little. I appreciate any information. 




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There is a utube video of EasyTroll tray installation for a aluminum bass boat similar to yours, however with a longer deck area.

If you stand up using a post type saddle seat, your deck area may not be stable enough to take advantage of a recessed tray. With a bad back you may want to consider a pedestal seat with a back support and sit down instead of standing up.

6 gage wire is OK for 24V trolling motor.

3 batteries, use a 3 bank charger. The trolling motor batteries should be identicle.

If you are not handy with power tools or installing electrical switches and wiring, save some griff by having the tray and new trolling installed professionally.



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Let me throw a monkey wrench in here. How often do you run rough water ( ie tidal waters or big lakes)?  I have had 11 boats over 30 + years of fishing.  Most of the time I ran a foot pedal trolling motor.  I fished with a guide and friend up in northern PA.  He guided the Great Lakes a lot and he too had a back issue, I believe he had some discs fused. Anyway he changed his set up around to a front hand control model.  He than added the two small on-off switches (one on each side on the front deck) and a handle called "The Extender" which is a mount that mounts under the tm's head and has a thin rod extending upwards with a small ball at the end.  Both of these items are available from T&H Marine.  I liked that set up so much I ran it for over 10 years on my 20 foot ProCraft while fishing the Potomac River and the Upper Chesapeake Bay.  This setup allows you to steer easily while keeping two feet solidly on the ground.  The only time I switched from a bicycle seat to a regular bass boat seat was on lake Erie in 2 to 3 footers, I just could not keep from almost going over.  This setup may fit your front deck space better and ease the pain in your back. 

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