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Tracker 175 vs: G3 Eagle 175

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yes, I did last summer here is what I found:

the G3 was cheaper, better built and more to my liking.  I inspected the welds on the Tracker and they looked sloppy, the G3 welds were very uniform and professional looking.  

The big thing for me was front deck space and storage.  the G3 has a huge front deck and two huge storage boxes and a center rod storage that holds up to 7ft. rods.

I also liked the overall look of the G3 better.  I know alot of this is opinion, except for the price and deck, storage statement but I wanted to answer honestly.  I do not want to offend any Tracker guys, I am sure they are great boats but this was my experience.

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I've compared them, and the G3's win by a long shot.  I'm not sure on price, but:

1.) G3's have much better fit and finish.  Everything comes together right, with no unsightly seams, where with trackers, i've noticed the carpet tends to come to edges and seems to be hot glued to the boat.

2.)Much better storage.  The center rod box in the g3 makes for so much more room to store tackle, its unbelievable.

3.)I would think theyre a lot more stable.  I've seen guys about get thrown off of trackers because there partner decided to move to the other side of the boat.  You should check to see if the beam on the G3 is wider than the tracker.

4.)They come with more power as far as trolling motor and engine.  Trackers are usually sold with a minimum hp to keep prices low, then you add 25 horses and your price skyrocket.

5.)Better welds.  I'm forever hearing about tracker owners with busted welds.  I dont see that on G3's.

Well theres 5 reasons.  If i were you i'd check out warranty's, trailers(big big deal), Electronics options, and all of that kinda stuff, just to be safe.  

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usernam is right on.  I did forget to mention the stability, the G3 is truly impressive.  My dad has a Ranger and hadnt been in an aluminum boat in 15 years and was really impressed with the G3.  way ahead of the aluminum boats he had back in the day.  (had a tracker first then a fisher)

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I have been looking at both of these boats also. Specifically the Tracker PT 185 and the G3 Eagle 185.

Price w/90 hp

Tracker (w/Mercury ELPTO)- $14,495.00

G30 (w/Yamaha TLRD)- $13,400.00


Tracker- 83"

G3 72"

Bottom Width:

Tracker- 54"

G3- 56"

Trolling Motors:

Tracker- 46# Motor Guide

G3 40# Minn Kota


Tracker- 18 gal.

G3 27 gal.

What is the difference b/t bottom width and beam? What contributes to more stability?

What contributes to more deck room up top?

I am obviously looking for stability and deck room (probably would rather have deck room over stability if I had to pick for the waters I fish).

The Tracker has an additional 11" in beam but 2" less in the bottom width? Whats up with that?

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Hey BIPR8, You might want to check those prices again.  I know the Tracker should have a higher price than the one you show.  Did you add the shipping and the dealer prep prices?  I know a Tracker was quoted to me with a 60hp and it was well over $15K/  I believe all the pricing for tracker is national, no diskering on price.  The only differences are the shipping prices due to the different zones.  I would recommend you call a Tracker dealer and have them give you a quote.  The Tracker websute does not add the shipping and dealer prep $$.  I am going to check out the boatboys,om

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The prices for the boats listed are book rate. Prep/rigging/delivery/tax charges were NOT included.  I kept it simple and went with the bass rate.  

The trackers extra foot of deck space (beam) sounds like a big difference.  Maybe worth the $1,100.00.  I like the Mercury outboard more too.

I like the G3's price, livewell, and Front TM (MinnKota) better.  I'm torn really, dont know what to do.  

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Hello All:  I am new to this forum and noticed this posting so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.  I recently purchased a '99 Skeeter SX-17 which is really a G3 175.  It has a '01 Merc 75 on it.  The boat itself had not previously seen the best of care but it has suprisingly held together very well.  None of the carpet has come apart and the only interior flaw is the vinyl has split at the top of the bench seat.  It is not fully welded but its only rivets are above the waterline.  It is a well put together boat.  I was recently at a Tracker dealer and notice immediately some of the carpet seams and ends looked like they would come apart very soon.  I've seen my exact boat (with different outboard) go for arount $6500 - $7000.  Because mine needed some cleanup and the livewell and seat needed fixed, I got mine for $4500.  I am really very happy with the boats performance and overall quality.

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This boat is a little different breed but War Eagle makes a great boat. The 1754 is great all around boat. Plus the guys there will custom build what ever you want. Want a pad put in just ask. They put seats and everything right where my brother in law wanted them. He got the duck boat version and the hull is awsome. 4 inches of ice, no problem not a dent or scratch. They are great boats and they make a fishing version with carpet ect. Just something else to look at. I think they are more expensive than a G3 but not sure.

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