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How does a college bass club go about sponsors


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I did a quick search of the topic and didn't really see anything, so figured I'd ask. My school just recently started a bass club, and we would like to have a few sponsors, especially since the school isn't giving us any $ for the first full year. Are there any companies that are known to sponsor college clubs? I know the big schools get sponsors through placing in big tournaments, but I'm wondering if there are any out there that are a bit "easier" to get. 

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I am gonna copy and paste this from a response I sent to someone asking for high school sponsorship. I think the same rules apply.


I am the president of my high school team and I am over all of our sponsorships. Here's a few tips that helped me out:

Ask any local businesses. Doesn't matter what they sell or what service. Most people (at least around here) love supporting their local schools (especially alumni). 

Write up a pretty letter that outlines your team, your accomplishments, and what they will get out of it. 

Send out team members. Create a small army of team members to approach local businesses and even people. Some members may know or have connections with different people. 

Create a diagram or some way of showing people what they are gonna get out of it. If you have jerseys then tell people what size logo will go on your jerseys or logo size on a banner depending on what size of sponsorship.

At my school we have to have invoices to get money that our sponsors gave us so maybe ask for gas cards from some people because most gas stations won't let you pay by invoice. 

I am sure I am missing something but these tips seem to be the most helpful for me and brought me most of my success. If you have any questions feel free to message me on here. :D

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Danny, colleges and universities constantly call and send requests to their alumni for donations.


Wealthy alumni give lots of money to their schools. Normal alumni give what they can.


So to go to the alumni that financially support the university and obtain the names and phone numbers/addresses so you can send them a letter requesting donations for their university's bass fishing team. More on this below.


There are business around your school that live off the university students. They are the next level of options to consider for donations, especially if you will give them some free advertising on your shirts or boats or just putting up signs/banners with their names on it.


You can also give these establishments photos of your catches so they can post on their walls.


Remember you have competition for donations.  Why should the alumni and businesses give you money while there are other "club sports" or activities that could use financial support? You have to have a brain storming session to come up with ideas that separate the fishing club from the other campus clubs.


And you and the other club members have to dress professionally, go in pairs, and visit the local businesses asking for donations and tell them what you can do for them in return.


There are other things you can do to raise money. If possible, and if you have the scales, have an open tournament for the public and the club keeps 10% of the entry fees. There are a lot of bass fishermen in your area who love open tournaments. They will fish your tournaments. We have one high school and one college team having their opens in the Richmond, Virginia area at this time.


You need to look up the FLW and BASS federations so they can direct you to the various regions. The regions will inform all clubs in their region of your tournament. You can also ask local businesses to put posters in their windows about your open tournament.


Consider having a yard sale or raffle off something which may or may not be related to bass fishing. Yard sales are a lot of work and you will have to ask members' families for donations. A raffle is easier with some overhead costs. You need to purchase (or have it donated) something of value to raffle and then have the tickets printed. You also have to determine the ticket price to make it attractive. The item does not have to be within the fishing industry. Anything goes.


Get permission from grocery stores and set up a table with a large jar and if possible, sell things to the public on weekends when not fishing. You need a large jar for donations. In Richmond the AAU basketball teams do this and they do quite well. They just stand around looking dumb with their jerseys over their shirts and with their jar on their table along with handouts about AAU basketball.


Your club can have handouts and a large jar and do the same thing wearing your fishing jerseys and looking dumb. Of course, you will speak with a lot of people who fish; who have loved ones who fish; or are widowed and had spouses who fished. They will want to talk to you about fishing which will be a lot of fun.


Maybe the athletic department will give you two tickets to a sporting event to raffle off if it is legal. There are rules governing these types of situations especially if your school is a public university.


Then there is the letter to the rich alumni. Go to your alumni association and speak with them about asking specific alumni for donations. Just remember that your alumni association lives off donations and they may not want to share mailing and phone lists with you. They want it all. Every cent!!!


You next move is to visit the deans or assistant deans of every college and ask them for their help in getting support from their alumni. Once again, a lot of the colleges want the money for themselves and may not want to share the donor or alumni names, etc. with you.


Large corporations in your area who support the athletic teams are a target. Hit them in a professional manner, dressing properly and going to their offices to discuss donations. And if any fish, invite them to fish with a club member. You may be surprised as to which corporate execs fish for bass.


One more suggestion to consider: make up a budget so you will know how much money the club will need for the year.  Many companies want to see that the club has its financials under control and know what they need to be successful.


OK, stop watching the SEC channel and the LSU baseball games and get rolling with your club members with a brain storming session. The weather will be poor in the New York area this weekend which opens the door for a club brain storming session.


Good luck and here's to  future success with the club and your studies.





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True sponsorships are advertising. So what you're actually doing is selling advertising. This is done by demonstrating you have an audience (media, social media, spectators etc). Try to draft a marketing student to help you. Maybe the professor will give them extra credit?There are also charitable contributions as you would get from alumni, participants family, local businesses possibly. Good luck. 

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