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aquaduct at reilly's lock ( seneca & Potomac)

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I am new to this forum so please bear with me. About 25years ago I took out my 13' row boat with a 25hp at Seneca and went out on the Potomac. At that time I think the center and left arches or the canal aqueduct were passable and there was a huge rock on the left hand side. I blew up the outboard and have been fishing Black hills ever since. I have a new boat now a 17' crestliner with 50 hp merc and bow trolling. I have been down there three times to check it out and the center arch is blocked by a log jam. I was down there last Saturday and all I saw was a massive PWC club getting ready to go out. My question is "Can you get through the left side and hang a right to get away from the rock?" I need 18" of water to clear it. I don't think I can get under the aqueduct arch with the seats up. I might be able to use the trolling motor laying down on the deck, don't know yet.

On another note I am trying to update my profile but to then.

Location Frederick MD.

Boat 17X6 bass boat.

Rods, tackle = light to medium, surface and shallow diving.

Fish: Bass, crappie, catfish, perch. Pretty much what ever is around in warm freshwater


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Welcome to Bass Resource. I know what you mean about the center and right being blocked. I go through that aqueduct but of course I am in my kayak. I know powerboats use that ramp so they have to be going through the left side. If you try it definitely use your electric till you are beyond the mouth of Seneca Creek. If you don't feel like experimenting why not launch up river at the Edwards Ferry Boat Ramp? That is a free launch site and has no obstructions to deal with. IMHO the smallmouth fishing is better up in that section.


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Generally the left side is open and deeper than you would expect. However, I do agree with just trolling motoring it out to the main river.

My main concern though would be running the prop motor on the upper at all. There are a lot of areas which shallow up quickly with large rocks. Have hit numerous ones running an aluminum jet. The boat bounces off and keeps going, a prop would be destroyed.

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I checked out edwards ferry as my neighbor goes there with his jet prop. It's way to shallow and i have no idea it the electric can handle the current. 25 years ago I would launch at seneca and go up to edwards, it only took 5-10 minutes. The channel on the VA side is deep enough. I would not go further than edwards. If there was anyway to know how high the river is before going it would help. I have the gauge readings from point of rocks but i can't match them to the green,yellow, or red on the ramps. Being a newbie I will not go out by myself unless it's green. Maybe yellow if there are others out. I'm going to try and just put in at seneca on a weekday and get a feel for the boat... it's been a long time since i delt with current.

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