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  1. This weekend could get a little rough for you...some models putting over 20 inches of snow in some areas. https://youtu.be/PN5st5YI1G0
  2. Fishing from shore at BH can be very tough, heavily hit and a good portion of fish are deep. Monocacy is good smallmouth fishing, only issue is it muddies up quickly in rain and this year that is most of the time. Piney Run is about the same as BH, cost either 8 or 10 bucks to get in also. Urbana has been frustrating for me, I have seen plenty of good fish but have a hard time getting bit. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Not sure what is around Gambrill
  3. J. Lee confirmed MLF via Facebook and Instagram
  4. MLF said anyone fishing too is free to fish the others. Biggest issue will be scheduling it
  5. Just use what feels comfortable to you....no point in making things harder than they need to be.
  6. Baitcasters are straight floro except for frog rod which is 65lb braid.
  7. Lots of good smallies around there. That time of the year it should be going strong. If you have we license you can fish either side. Sometimes it's a matter of walking a pretty fair distance to find the right water. There are several sets of bridges that hold fish. I have a prop boat so it's a no go up there for me.
  8. One of our horses getting a rinse off after a work out. He is coming along rather well.
  9. It's actually a 200 size frame, with a 150 size spool. The DC components take up the extra space.
  10. I have mine set up where I do not thumb it at all, even on number 1 and a gung ho cast. It can be done but takes some adjusting to find the sweet spot. Cast the same weight with a setup I use all the time and in mode 1 the DC will outcast it. I put it in mode 4 and tried to "skip" a gravel driveway to see what would happen. That weight hit rocks and bounced all over the place but no backlash.
  11. I am still on the soft food diet after having a dental implant removed and bone graft material put in. And bone graft material put around another implant. The one being removed broke off so the had to dig it out, fortunately got some good pills...
  12. It all depends on the weight of the bait you are trying to throw...what did you have tied on?
  13. Apples and oranges....different sound, different hooks, you can change trailers on buzzbaits...both will have their place.
  14. The spool tension adjustment is not the star, the star is the drag. Spool tension is round.
  15. Yep, tighten it down slowly and make a cast to see what happens. You will find the sweet spot.
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