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Fishing In Slight Current

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Today, I ended up on a creek I've never fished before. For reference, I'm 5'9! The middle of the creek is about, high-knee to waste deep. From there, it goes up to about your stomach(sometimes all the way to the bank) or it shallows out to about ankle depth. 

I brought my MF with #10 Suffix Mono and my ML with #20 PowerPro Braid and a #12 Fluorocarbon Leader. 

Other than topwater(Cavitron Buzzbait & Pompadour Jr), I avoided trebles. I threw senko's and a hellgrammite on a jig, no dice. I focused on the shallows along the shoreline where there were some lilly's and downed tree branches. Still, no dice.

What do y'all recommend in these areas? 

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I'd try throwing a t rigged brush hog on those downed tree branches. 

Maybe a frog for those pads?

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I fish a creek similar, little to medium current, depending on recent rain or not. I either use 3/16-1/4 oz. texas rig, or shaky head. I get hung up a lot and broke off, lots of fallen timber, branches in the creek. Everything works for me, trick worms, curly tail worms, lizards are great, dbombs, rage bugs, ultra vibe craws. Even spinner baits. I always throw to the opposite bank, put it in the nasty stuff! And hop/drag it back to me.

Patience and more patience. Some days I have good luck, most times not. Gotta keep trying. I go different times of the day, sometimes after work, late morning on weekends, and sometimes afternoon on weekends. The bite has been ok lately, not great. 

Good luck!

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See, I think it's because I'm used to throwing the senko's and getting hammered IMMEDIATELY. I need to have better patience bringing 'em back through. 


Thank you both for the feedback! 

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