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Anyone here own a Dobyns 5 or 6 power? I have a DX745 and I'm thinking of getting a D706 for frogs and my pike rod (ie big baits). I'm wondering if the 705 will suffice or if it's just better to get the 706 for the little extra backbone. 

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I have a DX745 as a jig rod, it would handle some smaller swimbaits but I do not use it for that.  The Champ 735c is the staple frog rod for Dobyns. It will handle smaller swimbaits so consider that for your purchase.  I guess it depends on what pike lures you actually want to fish, that would help clarify.

And to my knowledge, there is no 706c rod, only a 706cb (crankbait).   There is a 736c rod for frogs/flip/pitching.

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I have the Champion 736 and 766. I used to use the 735 and 766 for frogs in different degrees of weedy cover, but I was never quite pleased.

The 735 was a delight to fish with, but it was a tad on the light side for even medium size Minnesota bass on weedy lakes. I now use it for swim jigs and it's a great fit.

The 766, on the other hand, is a light and balanced broomstick of a rod. It's honestly too heavy, power-wise, to be of much use to me. I used it for heavy flipping, heavy-cover frogging, and pike fishing.It doesn't really have any give to the tip, so it didn't work well for buck tails and large spoons for pike.

I have since replaced that 766 with a Champion 736, which is the perfect frog rod, in my opinion. It's nice and light like the 735, but it has significantly more power while still allowing some give to the tip. It makes a nice pike rod, too.

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I find that the 735 is too fast for a reaction bait rod, and too fast for frogs, in my preference. I must have been thinking of the 736 when I said 706 then. But I could have sworn that there was a 706. 

To add to the conversation, Rich over at Dobyn's says that they make the fury and savvy 735/6 a little slower than the champion equivalent. So I might opt for the SS736c then.

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