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  1. When the water is 55* and climbing. not my first choice but have done it.
  2. Good to know. Except I always though your signature mattered hence needing the print out. I have it digitally and paper always to be safe.
  3. Heck of a start @RyneB thats a pig, congrats!
  4. Any color braid + a green or black magic marker and never to worry. Color 3ft and you're good to go. Been using same braid on a couple reels for 3-5 seasons now.
  5. Saw some good fish pics posted. Sounds like it was a zoo though. That alone is enough to stay away.
  6. Get some Manns -1. Change your hooks and hang on. Great shallow crank that you can keep in the 1-2ft depth. I run it above grass in the springtime. Works really well.
  7. Just dropped $50 @ @Siebert Outdoors on more Fogys and arky jigs. Money well spent, now we just need spring
  8. The very original Pure Poison was great when it was first released. Then they messed with it and be lucky if you could get one that the blade didn't seize up, nor did it start thumping very easily. That was my experience anyway. I'm using Sieberts fogy now adays and that's been a real solid bait for me.
  9. Thats a good idea because you may not like throwing big baits. Best not to invest in something youre not 100% into doing. If you do get into it, be prepared to start shelling out some dough. Big bait game gets expensive. Have fun!
  10. I have an 01 R73. Good little boat. Biggest con is space/storage. Doesn't accommodate todays 7-8ft rod norm. R71 might fit 7+ as is. But the boat rides really well and it isnt a beast to tow.
  11. They work good. I pair mine with a twin menace or craw chunk. One of my favorite baits to fish.
  12. I dare you to walk across bare foot and YouTube it. viral!
  13. They pushed out a lot of better tackle for their own. Most of it, not so good, some of it, not so bad. I don't spend my money there anymore for fishing gear. I buy online mainly. BPS did make a flat sided XPS crank a few years back that is deadly. I wish i'd bought more. The hooks get replaced on them as the stock ones are garbage. I've caught tons on them.
  14. Did some fishing on some flooded out lakes this weekend. The bite was tough. The area 3 days prior had 10" of rain and up to 7 twisters touch down. Trees snapped in half, jon boats in trees, docks destroyed. It was pretty devastating. Managed a few fish but nothing like we normally do. I was back seat most of the first day on my buddies brand new Ranger 178 aluminum. Nice little boat for sure.
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