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Curado 71 or Chronarch 51E?

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For those that have fished both, shock would you choose if you could have only one of them and why?



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Well I have used the Curado 200I but note the 70I. I do have 6 of the 50 series platform reels. 1 Core, 1 Alde, 1 Chronarch, 1 Curado, and 2 Scorpions. I really like the simplicity of the 50 series reels. They are easy to work on and adjust. The reels are well built and have proven themselves over the years. The 70 I is a new reel but I am sure the longevity and quality is there too. There are a lot of aftermarket upgrades for the 50e series reels and they are getting harder to find. They are also selling for outrageous prices especially in mint or NIB condition. The 70I series reels are newer and can likely be found for less. They will probably be around for at least a few more years so getting one will never be difficult. Depending upon price I would lean more towards the Chronarch 50e as they are just getting harder to find but in terms of performance I am sure both would be quite similar.

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