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what bass tactics/lures for inshore?

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I have a ton of bass tackle.  Even after giving a bunch away to the police kids fishing program I still have drawers full of stuff.  When not bass fishing I like to target redfish, speckled trout, snook etc. in the brackish inshore water.  I've caught them on jerk baits like the yo-zuri crystal minnows, spooks, and rattletraps, but what about some other bass lures?    I've tried chug bugs a few times as well as a devils horse, with no luck but I only tied them on when other baits weren't working so that's not really a fair test.   I suspect a senko would work but haven't tired one yet.   And what about ned rigs?   Anyway, you get the picture.   so what works for you inshore that comes from your bass box?

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Over the years I have experimented with freshwater lures in saltwater and I have been surprised how well these lures work for saltwater gamefish. For example,I have caught snook, tarpon,snapper,jacks,etc on spinnerbaits, popppers, jerkbaits, flukes ,and other bass lures.One of my favorite multi-species lure that I recommend  for both freshwater and saltwater is the rapala x rap.

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The basic ned rig concept of a jig head + plastic will work great, but I'd strongly recommend you beef up the hardware.  I think those saltwater critters would bend out one of the hooks normally found on a ned rig jighead quite easily.

As far as bass techniques that would work in the salt: topwater, hard and soft jerkbaits, jighead + plastic, jighead + swimbait, spinnerbaits and spoons.

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