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fishing loxahatchee preserve 2morrow

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specifically arthur marshall park,  we will be renting kayaks.  the bad thing is they don't open until 10am. is it even worth going out the so late in the summer time?  anyone know how the water level is,  and what the bass are biting on? 


thanks for the help/advice 

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I have fished it several times recently.  The bite has been up and down and not consistant.  The fish have been tight to cover and close to the sawgrass stems, and lilly pad stems.  Soft plastics, Texas Rigged, with a light 1/32 bullet weight will work. fish it slow, if your having trouble getting them to bite.  Watermelon Red in the sun, and Junebug if its cloudy.  Either zoom flukes, senlo type baits, and trick worms should get you some bites.

If in a Kayak, Lox has some of the largest gators in the state, especially way back where the bass boats can't get into.  Some of these gators have never seen a boat or person.  Stay in groups, if you go in deep.


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thanks for the reply,  we went along the canoe trail which is 5.5 miles,  tough trip especially in that heat.  for anyone thinking about it I suggest go to mile maker 2 and turn around.  the bass went crazy,  easily pulled up 15 fish some of them real nice.  3 lbs was the biggest I pulled in the boat had an easy 7lber that snapped my line when trying to get it in the boat. I used 5" senko watermelon red flake the entire time. fish were in the lily pads most of the day. I'm going back out soon.

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